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kokeshi klub fabric 27.01.2012

Kokeshi Klub returns to Fabric 27.01.2012

January 05, 2012
Kokeshu Klub returns to Fabric for it's second event there on 27.01.2012. Once again another amazing lineup has been formed for Kokeshi including Youngsta, Consequence (in his first ever 140 bpm DJ Set), DJ Madd, Irrelevant and of course label head Alley Cat. The night is hosted by MC LowQui.
kokeshi pod kast 10 alley cat irrelevant

Kokeshi Pod Kast 10 now live

December 09, 2011
The Kokeshi Pod Kast 10 is now live. This edition is curated by Irrelevant who's debut LP is out now on Kokeshi
kokeshi irrelevant lp

Irrelevant LP out now on Kokeshi

November 18, 2011
Kokeshi's first full length LP from rising star 'Irrelevant' is out now, and getting great response.
kokeshi pod kast 9 alley cat

Kokeshi Pod Kast 9 now live

September 15, 2011
Check out the latest pod kast from eclectic label Kokeshi, headed by DJ Alley Cat. 
sun and bass 2011 esp

ESP at Sun and Bass 2011

August 30, 2011
The final lineup and programme for Sun and Bass 2011 has been announced with ESP making a strong showing. Label nights for ESP associated imprints will come from Kokeshi, Exit Records, Commercial Suicide, Soul:ution, & Lynx's Detail Recordings. Also this year ESP Agency celebrates it's 15 year...
kokeshi bulb tenderness alley cat

New release by Bulb out today on Kokeshi

July 18, 2011
Kokeshi releases its 6th 12" on hot pink vinyl and digital today. The Bulb tunes have been in high demand with praise from all areas of the elctronic scene. Available at all your favourite music retailers 
kokeshi pod kast 8 alley cat

Kokeshi Pod Kast 8 now live

June 16, 2011
The latest edition of the popular Kokeshi Pod Kast is now available. 
kokeshi alley cat interview i crates

Alley Cat interview for i Crates

June 09, 2011
i Crates recently travelled to Kokeshi HQ to conduct an indepth interview with Kokeshi label boss Alley Cat about her history, love for vinyl, and more. Check it out here
kokeshi alley cat fabric 24 june 2011

Kokeshi takes over Fabric Room 3 / June 24 2011

May 08, 2011
Alley Cat's richly diverse Kokeshi label takes over Fabric's infamous room 3 with a stellar lineup on June 24 2011. Kryptic Minds, Kito, V.I.V.E.K join Alley Cat and Kokeshi recording artist Irrelevant, with host MC LX One.
alley cat kokeshi calibre irrelevant

Kokeshi 005 out now. Features Calibre remix!

April 27, 2011
Kokeshi release 005 is out now! Once again with a lovely monochrome colour scheme and a swish white coloured vinyl release. Irrelevants sparkling original which features the vocals of Brad Sucks crosses path with a 140 BPM remix by Calibre on the flipside. Available now from all your favoutite...
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